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Leadership and healing in Africa through Traditional Medicine.

Short Story About DH Clinic

Nelia Musikavanhu

Dangamvura Herbal Clinic was established in 1987 by Nelia Musikavanhu and has been operational for the past 28 years. Mrs Nelia Musikavhu is registered under ZINATHA (Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association). Nelia is registered with Zimbabwe Traditional healers Association and is a licensed Traditional Medicines Practice Council Chapter 27:14, Zimbabwe Constitution.



Dangamvura Herbal Clinic offers Relationship Advice.

Medical Treatments

Nelia has herbs and medicines that treat and cure; · HIV and AIDS · Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias · Asthma · Cancer · Cystic Fibrosis · Diabetes · Eating Disorders · Heart Disease · Local IMPACT Project · Obesity · Oral Health · Osteoporosis · Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Syndrome · Tobacco Use and Related Conditions

Counseling and Family Problems

Dreams and Interpretations, Lucky charms, Bareness cure, Job promotions, Court curse issues, Spiritual cleansing.


Name of University in Zimbabwe and Professors conducting research on my medicine in terms of testing it) University in South Africa and Professors also conducting research.

About Us

Located in the heart of the city, Dangamvura is a state-of-the-art herbal clinic which is striving towards its commitment to provide comprehensive health care services to the residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though no clear-cut evidence has yet been established, studies indicate that people who live under stress are more prone to heart attacks than individuals who take steps to mitigate stress from their life.
All patients treated and cared for at Nelia’s shrine all report success and recovery from all troubling issues. She has been on the Zimbabwean National and private radios being interviewed for her medicines that cure HIV and Aids among other diseases. Nelia has worked with researching university in Canada, America, South Africa and Uganda.

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